Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Mike ate Wednesday

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My husband Mike (in need of a haircut)

My husband asked me to put him on a diet this week.  I'm thrilled!  Sometimes he rolls his eyes at me when I go on about nutrition and the food industry, but he agrees with me.  Up until the past few months, he hasn't really been ready to make a change.

Mike's diet is usually quite different from mine and my sons' diet.  He will often eat a doughnut or a McDonalds egg and cheese McMuffin for breakfast while doing the newspaper route.  He also doesn't sleep enough, so he used to grab a 20 oz. Dr. Pepper in the afternoon.  At night, he will get a craving for chocolate and pick up a candy bar at a convenience store.  For supper, I usually make veggies and protein, either fish, chicken, or a vegetarian dish like Cream Cheese Patties or Italian Vegetarian Meatballs.

He stopped drinking pop about a month ago, and has cut out his chocolate fix the past few weeks.  He's lost about 5 lbs.  Last week, Mike went to see a childhood friend of his at the Y, Jeff.  Jeff has lost 90 lbs. in the past year by eating better and exercising.  Mike made a resolution to lose some weight this year, but I think seeing Jeff really motivated him to make healthy changes.

When we were talking about how much weight we wanted to lose on New Year's Eve, Mike said he wanted to lose 8 lbs. and get to 220.  He was down to 223 today, but I think I have him convinced to try for a healthy BMI at 195 or 200.  He is 6' 2" tall.

He started the day with a soy protein shake made with almond milk,
a banana, and fresh spinach.  
He had one for a snack later in the day, too.

For lunch, Mike ate a bag of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
and a half a cup of lowfat cottage cheese.
Mike and I ate salmon fillets and a loaded salad for supper.
The salad was made of iceberg and romaine lettuce, with shredded carrots,
sliced radishes and mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, dried berries,
a little feta cheese, and ranch dressing.
(Mike also ate some of Matthew's broccoli since Matthew
kept falling asleep at the table and needed help finishing it.)

Here's to my husband for having the courage to change what he eats!

What positive changes in your life do you have the courage to change this year?

  • Thursday: I will make whole grain waffles for my four year-old. It is another recipe that can be made ahead and frozen to reheat later.
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