Thursday, July 26, 2012

Friday Vegetarian Potluck LinkUp & Garlic-Cheese No-Knead Bread

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This next week, it will be a year since my second son was born.

I can hardly believe how fast it has gone by.  Each milestone he reaches fills me with wonder. 

This week, he is really moving.  Only a few months ago, he learned to crawl.  Now, he toddles away from me toward the furniture. 

He once choked whenever I tried to give him anything to chew other than infant "puffs. " Today, he grins and squeals in delight when I give him a piece of homemade bread to chew on.  He gnaws on the buttered bread for a few minutes before easily swallowing it.

Because of my son's newfound love for bread, I'm taking a my Garlic-Cheese No Knead Bread recipe to potluck this week.  This cheese bread pleases almost any crowd.  The savory garlic and slightly sour cheese flavor makes it a perfect bread for slicing and eating or as the basis of a yummy sandwich. 

I also like making this bread because it requires little effort.  I just mix the ingredients up in my KitchenAid mixer, allow it to rise for one hour, then bake. 

I probably won't have time to make it into sandwiches.  Instead, I will set out slices of it that can be spread with butter or margarine, a splendid side for a full potluck plate.

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*1 1/2 c. warm milk or unsweetened almond milk
*2 Tb. olive oil
*3 c. white whole wheat flour
*1/2 c. gluten flour
*1 Tb. yeast
*1/2 tsp. house seasoning
*2-3 cloves minced garlic or 1 tsp. garlic powder
*1/4 tsp. dried oregano
*1/4 tsp. dried marjoram
*1/4 tsp. dried basil
*8 oz. shredded Colby Jack Cheese
*1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
*Non-stick spray


1. Add warm milk and yeast to bowl of Kitchen Aid or other high speed mixer. Stir with beater attachment on lowest speed for 1 minute.
2. Add remaining ingredients. Stir on low until incorporated then increase speed to medium for 1 minute.
3. Grease 2 bread pans with non-stick spray or olive oil. Add dough. Place in microwave proofer or cover with greased plastic wrap and place in a warm room. Allow to rise for 1 hour.
4. Preheat oven to 375F. Bake for 35 min.

Substitution: You may use 3/4 tsp. Italian seasoning in exchange for the oregano, marjoram, and basil.

In the spirit of a delicious potluck dinner, I’m hosting Friday Vegetarian Potluck. Mix up a batch of your favorite recipe and bring it over for supper. You can bring a main dish, a salad, bread, a dessert, any food you want to share.

We do have a few rules for our meal.

1. Your recipe needs to be vegetarian, but it can also be dairy-free, vegan, or gluten-free. Any recipe made without meat will do.

2. Your blog does not have to be about vegetarian food recipes. If you regularly write about gardening, that’s fine. If you usually post recipes with pork and poultry, you are welcome, too.

3. This doesn’t have to be a new recipe post, but I ask that you bring it to the blog only once.

4. Since potlucks are all about sharing, I ask that you post this invite on your blog post. It fits nicely into your html.

(For help adding the html code above, click here)
What recipe are you going to share?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIAW: Catastrophic Failure!

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In April, our air conditioner died.

Of course, I thought I was dying, too, when the temperatures in the house reached over 90F for a few days.  Thankfully, my father-in-law is an HVAC repairman and hooked us up with a new unit at cost and installed it for free.  We are very blessed, especially since this summer has been unbearable.

When FIL was first checking out our old A/C unit, seeing if it was repairable, my five year-old son wanted to join him.  Soon, he ran outside with his adult-size yellow safety helmet, full-size goggles on, to help his papa.  Over FIL's shoulder, my son informs him, "I know what's wrong. We have a catastrophic failure!"  We all got a chuckle, but it turned out he was right.

Today, I had another catastrophic failure. 

Last night, I restarted my computer after removing McAfee Security as per the recommendations of another program.  I never used McAfee beyond the one month trial a year ago.  It would pop up a few times a day, begging me to upgrade or renew my subscription.  When removal of the program was suggested, I didn't hesitate.

I awoke to my computer turning on and shutting off.  It wouldn't stop.  I was horrified.  My PC is only a year old!

I immediately began searching for solutions on my android phone.  After viewing a dozen tech forums, I learned that this crashing and restarting is caused by removing McAfee software.

I couldn't get on the internet on my computer to re-install the trial; all I could do was access safe mode.

After struggling with my computer most of the day, I gave up, borrowed my mom's external drive, and backed up all of my documents, music, and photos.  I did a complete factory reset.

And I'm back on.

I still have work to do, reinstalling software, restoring files, but my PC is working again, and so am I.

What my desktop looked like after I reset my computer:
dark, lonely, and impersonal.

Sometimes my diet works that way, too.  I end up going on an unhealthy eating spree, going for the greasy food or loading up on meat.  I have to clean my diet back up and start over, installing those healthy eating habits back into my life.

Here is what I ate:

After my workout, I had a bowl of Nature's Path Flaxseed Plus cereal with an extra tablespoon of ground flaxseed and almond milk.

For lunch, I ate a bag of Archer Farms Mediterranean Blend vegetables.  They are only 100 calories for the whole bag!  I also ate a piece of Ezekiel bread toast topped with Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella cheese and a slice of tomato.

In the afternoon, I drank 2 cups of Oatmeal Cookie Protein Shake.  I have noticed that the extra protein during the day keeps me satiated.

I made fresh ground whole wheat bread for my family and couldn't resist eating a warm slice of the crust with a tsp. of butter!

I have been craving chocolate lately, which is unusual for me.  I picked up a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips at the store earlier this week. I ate a couple of tablespoons midday when I began craving chocolate.  They are strong enough to keep me from overdoing.

At suppertime, I ate two servings of multicolored baby potatoes and steamed green beans from my mother-in-law's garden.  They were both so tasty that they didn't need any salt or butter.

As for my fitness routine, I'm still slowing working my way through the couch to 5k.  I get my kids to the YMCA at 10:30ish and have to pick them up by 11:30am.  Here is my routine for this week:

MWF:  Yoga stretch for 5 min.
walk 5 min., jog 8 min., walk 5 min., jog 8 min. walk 4 min.
lift on machines targeting my legs for 10 min.

TTH:  Yoga stretch for 5 min.
30 min on the elliptical trainer. 5 min. working my abs and rear on the wave machine.
lift on machines and use free weights targeting my arms for 10 min.

I'm starting to feel a real difference in my body, even through the day, walking taller, feeling firmer.

Come back Friday for Vegetarian Potluck link up!  Share your favorite recipe and photo, then see what others brought.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

RECIPE: Easy Black Bean Enchiladas (Vegetarian/vegan)

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[Print Enchilada Recipe]

Since I rarely make meals with meat, we eat beans several times a week.  Beans make a great substitute for meat in recipes.  High in fiber and protein, they make me feel full sooner and longer. 

Although we sometimes have garbanzo beans, great northern beans, and pinto beans, most of the time, I use black beans in recipes.

Black beans are also high in antioxidants, which protect cells from free radicals that can cause damage to the cells in your body. 
"The cellular damage caused by free radicals can lead to a number of degenerative and chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, many cancers, heart disease, immune system problems, atherosclerosis, dementia, diabetes, thrombosis, and even certain eye disorders.
"A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2003 investigated the antioxidant activity of 12 common varieties of dry beans. Black beans came out on top, having more antioxidant activity, gram for gram, than the other beans."   (
This easy enchilada recipe is one of our favorite ways to eat black beans.  I make the beans ahead of time in the crockpot and keep them in the freezer, but you can also use canned beans.  I make my own enchilada sauce (recipe below), however, canned sauce also works well.

I like to serve the enchiladas with a side of chopped lettuce, fresh diced tomato, and homemade guacamole (recipe here).  I use shredded organic cheddar cheese for my husband and son's enchiladas, while I prefer Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar or Diaya vegan cheddar shreds.  I use an Ezekiel tortilla for mine, but use Alvarado Street sprouted tortillas for the rest.


[Print Enchilada Recipe]



*1 1/4 c. red enchilada sauce (below)
*2 c. cooked black beans
*4 large sprouted grain tortillas
*1 c. cheddar cheese or vegan cheddar cheese
*Non-stick cooking spray


1.  Preheat oven to 350F.  Lightly grease bottom of 9" x 13" baking dish.
2.  Pour 1/4 c. of enchilada sauce in baking dish. Spread evenly.
3.  Add 1/2 c. of black beans, 2 Tb. enchilada sauce, and 2 Tb. cheese to the center of a tortilla.  Spread lengthwise and roll up tortilla.  Place in baking dish, seam down.  Repeat with three other tortillas.
4. Top with remaining enchilada sauce and cheese.  Cover with foil and bake for 1 hour.  Serves 4-6.

(Each large enchilada is approximately 319 calories, 12 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fat if prepared with an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar cheese.)

[Print Enchilada Sauce Recipe]



*1/4 c. canola oil
*2 Tb. self-rising flour
*8 oz. can of tomato sauce
*1/4 c. chili powder
*1 1/2 c. water
*1 clove garlic, minced
*1/4 tsp. cumin
*1/4 tsp. onion powder
*1/4 tsp. salt


1.  In a small bowl, combine tomato sauce, water, cumin, minced garlic, onion powder, and salt. Set aside.
2.  In a small saucepan, heat oil over medium-high heat. Stir in flour and chili powder, reduce heat to medium, and cook until lightly brown, stirring constantly.
3.  Gradually stir in tomato sauce mixture into the flour mixture until smooth, and continue cooking over medium heat approximately 10 minutes or until it reaches desired consistency.  May be used immediately or refrigerated or frozen for later use.

What is your favorite black bean recipe?

  • Be sure to come back for What I Ate Wednesday and see what my daily diet is like.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

NEW LINK UP: Friday Vegetarian Potluck!

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I love going to potlucks.

I never just grab some packaged potato salad from the grocery store. Instead, I show-off by creating my tastiest recipes and trying to give them pleasing presentations.

Sampling the best dishes of my friends and family is also a treat. Inevitably, by the end of the meal, I’m stuffed, begging others for their recipes.

This week, I'm going to bring a batch of my Zucchini Patties.
I get asked about this recipe a lot, since many zucchini patties fall apart when cooking. These stay together well because the water is wrung out of the shredded zucchini before adding the other ingredients. The flour and bread crumbs bind with the zucchini and egg, creating a savory patty with a firm texture.

Zucchini Patties. Yum!
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*2-3 medium zucchini
*1 egg, beaten
*1 cup bread crumbs
*1/4 cup green onion, minced
*1 clove garlic, minced
*1/2 cup all-purpose flour
*1/2 cup vegetable oil (for frying)


1. Shred zucchini with a grater or use a food processor with a shredder attachment, enough to yield 2 1/2 c.
2. Put shredded zucchini in a kitchen towel, wring out all the excess water. Remove from towel and place in mixing bowl.
3. Add egg, bread crumbs, green onion, garlic, and flour. Mix well.
4. Heat skillet on medium for 5 minutes. Add oil.
5. Spoon out portions of zucchini mix and shape into patties. Fry until golden brown.

In the spirit of a delicious potluck dinner, I’m hosting Friday Vegetarian Potluck. Mix up a batch of your favorite recipe and bring it over for supper. You can bring a main dish, a salad, bread, a dessert, any food you want to share.

We do have a few rules for our meal.

1. Your recipe needs to be vegetarian, but it can also be dairy-free, vegan, or gluten-free. Any recipe made without meat will do.

2. Your blog does not have to be about vegetarian food recipes. If you regularly write about gardening, that’s fine. If you usually post recipes with pork and poultry, you are welcome, too.

3. This doesn’t have to be a new recipe post, but I ask that you bring it to the blog only once.

4. Since potlucks are all about sharing, I ask that you post this invite on your blog post. It fits nicely into your html.

I'm looking forward to seeing what delicious recipe you bring!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WIAW: Home Grown

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Sometimes I wish I lived in California.

Don't get me wrong; I love living here in Central Nebraska.  There is only one thing that I would change: fresh produce year round.

Where I live, summer is the best time to get locally grown produce.  I go to the farmers market each Thursday and shop for tomatoes and peppers. Sometimes I stop midweek at the vegetable stand one family operates in town.  I grow a few vegetables in my garden and some herbs in my window.  I like knowing who grows my food, whose hands have touched it, and what kinds of chemicals my food is exposed to.  I also like supporting my neighbors.

Most of what I ate either comes from my garden, was grown in my kitchen, or I picked up from a local farmer.

I started my day by making two batches of vegan Whole Wheat Waffles.  I ate one, without margarine, butter, or syrup.  I also had a cup of cherries I bought at the supermarket.  You can find my Whole Wheat Waffle Recipe here.

For lunch, I made an Ezekiel wrap with 3 Ingredient Not-zerella Cheese Spread that I made.  I topped it with fresh spinach from the store (already past the season for fresh spinach in Nebraska) and alfalfa sprouts that I grew in a jar on my counter.  My 3 Ingredient Not-zerella Cheese Spread recipe can be found here.

In the afternoon, I started to get hungry again.  I cut a zucchini from my garden into noodles with my mandolin and added 1/4 of a cup of leftover pizza sauce from the fridge.  I warmed it in the microwave and devoured it! I had a large bowl of crunchy "noodles" and sauce for under 100 calories!

We ate my husband's favorite meal, fajitas for supper.  I made it with bell peppers from the farmers market, onions from my garden, a tomato from the local produce stand down the street, homemade guacamole (find the recipe here), and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar "cheese." I had mine on Ezekiel tortillas, while my husband and son prefer theirs on Alvarado Street sprouted tortillas.  They were so good, I had two!

Do you buy any produce locally or grow your own?

I hope to see you here later this week for Vegetarian Potluck Friday!  I've created a tab above for you to learn how you can link up your own meatless recipes.  All day on Friday you can see what other readers are serving up and share your own favorite food.

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RECIPE: Whole Wheat Waffles (Vegan)

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I like to make waffles for my family on Sunday mornings.

My oldest son loves them, often eating three or four for breakfast.  Later in the day, he may sneak one to snack on.

I always try to make several batches at a time, so I can individually freeze them to pop in the toaster later in the week.  Making waffles is messy, which may account for the boxes and boxes of different waffle brands in the frozen food section at the grocery store. 

This recipe makes the most crispy, light whole wheat waffles I have ever eaten.  By using Ener-G Egg Replacer, the waffles bind together well, unlike other vegan waffle recipes I have tried. The ground flaxseed adds fiber and omega 3s.

Each waffle contains about 337 calories, 19 grams of fat, 4 grams of fiber, and 4 grams of protein.  If you decide to cut back on the amount of oil in the recipe, let me know how it goes. 

I thought this waffle was tasty enough to eliminate any butter or margarine. I also didn't need to top it with syrup.

[Print this Recipe]



*4 c. whole wheat pastry flour
*2 Tb. baking powder
*2 Tb. sugar
*2 Tb. ground flaxseed
*2 c. almond milk (I used Silk original flavor)
*2 tsp. vanilla extract
*2/3 c. canola oil
*1/2 c. water
*2 Tb. Ener-G Egg Replacer


1.  In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, sugar, and flaxseed. 
2.  In measuring cup combine vanilla extract with almond milk. Add to flour mixture.  Mix well.  Add canola oil and mix thoroughly.
3.  Combine water and egg replacer in a small bowl until well mixed.  Stir into waffle mixture.  Allow to rest for 10 minutes while preheating waffle iron.
4.  Cook in waffle iron as directed.  Serve immediately.  Waffles may also be refrigerated or frozen and reheated in a toaster.  Yields approximately 12-15 waffles.

  • Come back tomorrow to see what I've eaten on What I Ate Wednesday!

  • On Friday, I'm hosting a Vegetarian Potluck.  Join me and share a link and picture of your favorite meatless recipe.

This recipe is linked up on Live and Love to Eat.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

RECIPE: Easy Vegan Caprese Salad (GF)

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This salad has intrigued me for a while.  I finally decided to make a vegan version of this classic salad.

Insalata Caprese translates literally in Italian to "salad in the style of Capri." This simple salad is easy to prepare, but elegant.  It requires few ingredients, yet is full of rich flavor.

Though the original recipe calls for buffalo mozzarella, I used Follow Your Heart vegan Mozzarella cheese.  I could only find a small package of basil leaves, so I mixed them in with baby romaine lettuce.  The garlic and olive oil were also from the store, but I used grape tomatoes fresh from our farmers market here in town.

For best flavor, the olive oil should be seasoned the night before you want to serve the salad. 

[Print this Recipe]



*2.5 oz. or 1/2 c. fresh basil
*1 clove garlic
*3 Tb. virgin olive oil
*5 oz. package of baby romaine
*2 pints grape tomatoes, halved
*10 oz. vegan mozzarella, cubed in 1/2" pieces or shredded


1.  Place olive oil in small container.  Mince two large basil leaves and garlic. 
Add to olive oil and set aside at room temperature overnight or for at least 4 hours.
2.  In a large bowl, add baby romaine and remaining basil leaves.  Add tomatoes and mozzarella.  Drizzle with seasoned olive oil and toss lightly until olive oil is distributed well.  Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

WIAW: Until We Meat Again...

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This past week, we have eaten a lot of meat. 

My father-in-law came to town on Thursday to take us out for supper.  It was my husband's birthday and I usually indulge in meat eating for special occasions (I can't get rid of the Nebraskan in me!).

We ate at Ruby Tuesdays.  The salad bar was excellent, as always.  The ribeye disappointed me.  It reinforced my belief that most of these chain restaurants are expensive fast food that is reheated by kitchen staff.

On Friday night, my mother-in-law and my husband's stepdad came over for a belated birthday dinner.  My brother-in-law and his wife came too, which was a special treat.  He is enlisted in the army and they just got back from spending a year in South Korea. 

My husband grilled spiraled beef hot dogs (which I read about on Huffington Post) which tasted delicious, crispy, and perfect for holding ketchup and mustard on a hot dog bun.

I slow-cooked beef ribs in the oven at a low heat for five hours.  I put them in marinade on the previous Wednesday, so the flavor was divine.  The slow roasting made them surprisingly tender.  I ate three ribs and one hot dog.  I also made a four layer brownie cake (my husband doesn't like cake, but loves brownies) with homemade raspberry pear jam and cream cheese frosting I whipped up a few days earlier.  I regret nothing.

Saturday evening concluded my husband's birthday festivities.  We had a few friends over to play Catchphrase.  Keeping it simple, I prepared chicken salad sandwiches from chicken thighs I canned last year and used homemade Tomato Oregano bread (my friends and family can't get enough of this stuff).  I also made barbecue beef sandwiches, using store bought hickory sauce, beef my friend and I canned last month, and homemade whole wheat bread with wheat I ground in my Vitamix.

My friend brought over a few bags of potato chips and we finished the snacking with another pan of brownies with leftover cream cheese frosting.

This was more meat than we have eaten for over six months.

We felt sick to our stomachs after meals.  We didn't have as much energy and felt tired and lethargic.  Our bowels slowed down, which left us feeling constipated.  Our waists became thicker, even though we only gained a few lbs.

I know there were other factors than just eating meat.  We also didn't eat as many fruits and vegetables.

This week, we are back on track and feeling much better.  The days of feasting helped us realize why we only eat meat on special occasions!

Here is what I ate yesterday:

For breakfast, I had my easy stand-by: Nature's Path Flaxseed Plus with an extra Tb. of ground flaxseed and original almond milk.

I ate my new favorite wrap for lunch: a Ezekiel tortilla with a Tb. of Better than Cream Cheese, a Tb. of Italian seasoned tomato paste, and fresh spinach.  I finished with a cup of fresh Bing cherries.

As an afternoon snack, I ate a zucchini I sliced from my garden with fat-free hummus I made from garbanzo beans, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, and lemon juice.  Yesterday I posted about how I make large batches of dry beans ahead of time in my crockpot, then freeze them.

For supper, I made whole wheat and flaxseed pizza crust, then topped it with pizza sauce, spinach leaves, black olives, organic mozzarella cheese, and garlic feta goat cheese from a dairy about 30 min. drive from here.  I also ate a romaine lettuce salad with locally grown tomatoes and Annie's Goddess dressing.

I feel so much better after eating this way (mostly vegan) again!

What indulgent foods do you allow yourself to have on special occasions?

As for fitness in my life, I'm doing week 4 of the couch to 5k again.  Last week was a short week due to the holiday, so I only ran one day.  I used the elliptical trainer for three days last week, did yoga stretching, and lifted some weights.

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QUICK TIP: Convenient Dry Beans

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As a person who eats vegan most of the time, I use beans in recipes several times a week. 

Until recently, I always used canned beans.

I knew dry beans were cheaper, but cooking beans was way too complicated for me; soaking and boiling them took more time and patience than I have. 

The turning point for me was when I happened to look at a can of beans and read "high fructose corn syrup" in the ingredients.  Really?  Why do they need to add corn syrup to beans?

Determined to figure out an easy way to make them myself, I discovered how simple it is to prepare them in the crock pot. 

I make a big batch at a time, then put them in sandwich bags.  I lay them flat in the freezer.  Whenever I need beans for a recipe, I take a bag out and thaw it on the counter or I run hot water over the bag, empty the beans into a microwave safe bowl, and microwave them for a minute.

Do you use canned beans or dry beans?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WIAW: Cool Salads for a Steamy Summer

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It has been hot here, really hot.

Last week, the daytime temperature topped 110 F for a few days.  This week, it has "cooled down," with highs in the upper 90s.

Thankfully, we had our air conditioner replaced in April.  I don't think I could make it without it!

The YMCA in town also has a great cooling system, allowing me to continue on my quest through the Couch to 5K program.  I spent two weeks at week 3, thanks to my knees, but started week 4 on Monday.  My knees are virtually pain-free now, which I attribute to strength training and apple cider vinegar.

Easy sandwiches and salads seem to be the only foods I feel like preparing during the heat of summer.  I've come up with a few new ones this week.

Below,  you will find some of the cool foods I ate. 

For breakfast, I ate my standby favorite: Nature's Path Flaxseed Plus cereal with almond milk and 1 Tb. of ground flaxseed meal.

Lunch was Three Ingredient Not-zerella Cheese Spread on homemade tomato-oregano bread with a Vegan Caprese Salad.  I'm still working on a post for the Caprese salad, but you can find my Three Ingredient Not-zerella Cheese Spread recipe here.

As a snack, I ate Vegan Artichoke Garbanzo Bean Salad.  My husband loves this stuff!  I am working on a post for this recipe, too, so check back!

For supper, I made stuffed green peppers.  I didn't feel like cooking, so I used an Archer Farms frozen rice blend with corn, rice, and peppers.  I added black beans and a little vegan cheese to mine, giving my husband the Organic Valley shredded cheddar in his.  I also had a side of sliced tomato from the farmers market with fresh cilantro. 

I kept dessert simple: four dates.

How hot has it been where you are?

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RECIPE: 3 Ingredient Not-zerella Cheese Spread (Vegan, GF)

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[Print this Recipe]

I have over two cases of vegan cheese in my fridge.

A few months ago, I bought the "cheese" with the intention of selling it at farmers market.  However, with my husband changing jobs, I decided it was a poor time to step out and invest in my own business start-up.

Since my husband began working at his new job, I have been making his lunches.  Most of the time I make sandwiches, switching to wraps when we are out of bread. 

Thus far, I have made almond butter and homemade jam sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. Eager to use up some of that vegan cheese, I made up this easy, three ingredient sandwich spread.

I used Follow Your Heart Mozzerella Style cheese, then shredded it myself.  Daiya shredded mozzerella style cheese would also probably work well.  The cheese shreds add an interesting texture to the creamy vegenaise, while the crisp green onions give it a savory taste.

[Print this Recipe]



*10 oz. shredded vegan mozzerella cheese
*1/2 c. diced green onions
*1/4 c. vegenaise


1.  Thoroughly mix all ingredients.  Refrigerate immediately.  Use within 2-3 days.

Have you ever bought too much of something?

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