Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Matthew & Benjamin Ate Wednesday

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This week, I'm taking a break from recipes and posting about fructose.

Several days ago, I watched this video and it rocked my world.  It is all about the health effects of fructose, including metabolic disorders (like type 2 diabetes) and weight gain.  The presenter is a pediatric endocrinologist, so some of the information is specificially about children.

Matthew, my four year-old son, doesn't eat refined fructose.  He eats fruit, grains, dairy, vegetables, fats, and legumes. 

He doesn't eat or drink refined fructose.  I don't buy him sugary cereals or snacks.  He has only had pop twice in his life.  He was drinking a juice box every day, however, he lost interest in them.  We still have a few in the cabinet, but he doesn't ask for them anymore.  He drinks almond milk or water instead.

As I have mentioned before, he rarely gets sick, only getting a cold once or twice a year.

 Matthew started the day eating oatmeal made
with raisins, almond milk, and a little brown sugar.
He drank 3-4 glasses of almond milk throughout the day.

 For lunch, he had a banana and Wasa sourdough crackers
with neufchatel cheese.
He thought the crackers were too crunchy
without the neufchatel cheese.
I have been eating Wasa and Ry-Krisp crackers
like crazy the past few days.
I know the fiber in them fills me up
and keeps my appetite under control.

For supper, I made bean tacos with refried beans,
lettuce, shredded cheese, and homemade guacamole.
We add diced tomatoes, but Matthew won't eat them yet.
Matthew loves bean tacos and ate two of them.
He calls refried beans "smashed beans."
 He also drank a green smoothie.

I included Benjamin in today's post because he doesn't drink any fructose either.  In the video from UCSF professor, Dr. Lustig, I learned that some baby formula is almost 1/3 corn syrup solids.  It is the reason for the epidemic of obesity in 6 month old babies. 

Benjamin has only had 2 ounces of formula his entire life.  He is five months old.  His diet is 100% breastmilk.  I plan on breastfeeding him until he is at least a year old.  I nursed Matthew for 15 months.

Benjamin has never been sick, never had a cold or respiratory infection, and never thrown up.  He is a healthy, happy baby who is in the 75-90 percentile for height and 50 percentile for weight. 

I drink Woman's Nursing Support Tea to keep my supply up.  I had to supplement Matthew with formula since I didn't make enough milk for him.  He had one ounce a day, but was also a very healthy baby.
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