Monday, July 29, 2013

50 Healthy Food and Exercise Comment Luv Blogs

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I love reading comments from my readers.

When you leave a comment, you tell me if I'm writing about something you want to know. You also share your experiences, your thoughts, and a bit about yourself with me and other readers. 

CommentLuv enabled blogs take it a step further. When you comment in a CommentLuv form, you tell us about your blog, too.

A regular comment leaves my link, but nothing special to lead readers to my blog.

CommentLuv blogs give you free advertising by telling readers the title of your last post.

Learn more about CommentLuv and how you can add it to your blog here.

To get you started, here are 50 healthy food and exercise blogs which use CommentLuv. 

  1. Alex Tries It Out
  2. Avocado Athlete
  3. Chelcie's Food Files
  4. Coffee Cake and Cardio
  5. The Concrete Runner
  6. Day with KT
  7. Eat Learn Discover
  8. Family Fitness Food 
  9. Fit 'N' Cookies
  10. Fit Possible
  11. Fit Running Mama
  12. Food, Fitness, and Family
  13. Food Wine Thyme 
  14. For the Sake of Cake
  15. Frolic Through Life
  16. Happy Fit Mama
  17. Happy Wife Healthy Life 
  18. Healthy Running Mom 
  19. A Healthy Slice of Life 
  20. Hungry Healthy Girl  
  21. Journey of a Dreamer
  22. Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish
  23. Killer Bunnies Inc.
  24. Kiwi Fit Blog
  25. Koko Likes
  26. The Lean Green Bean
  27. Learning Patience 
  28. Life+Running
  29. Life After Swimming
  30. To Live and Diet in L.A.  
  31. Live and Love to Eat 
  32. Live from La Quinta
  33. Mangos and Miles  
  34. My Freckled Life
  35. My Life Sans Gluten
  36. Not Plain So Jane 
  37. Nutty About Health 
  38. Oatmeal in my Bowl
  39. Oatmeal with a Fork 
  40. Picky Runner
  41. Protein and Pumps
  42. Powerhouse Fit Foodie
  43. Remake My Plate
  44. Running for Cupcakes 
  45. Running with Spoons
  46. Run Pretty
  47. Sarah Learns
  48. Savor Life's Flavors
  49. Slim Sanity
  50. The Way  (Me, of course!)

If you are a healthy food and exercise blogger who uses CommentLuv, let me know in a comment below. I will add your name and link when I update the list!
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