Monday, February 7, 2011

What's up with us

Best Blogger Tips I feel bad that I haven't been posting...really bad.  Things are still crazy around here, which I know you can relate to!

First of all, I'm fifteen weeks pregnant now.  I am SO much more tired with this one!  I don't know if it is because I'm almost five years older or because I now have a four year-old to keep me busy.  It seems like no matter what I do, I can't get enough sleep.  I also am off of caffeine, so I'm sure that makes a difference too.

My husband was supposed to have shoulder surgery last week, but that was canceled and rescheduled for next week.  We have been trying to get ready  for it and the wait seems to put us all on edge.  It will be a six month recovery time, so things will probably get better before they get worse.

Ah, next of all, we now have five adults and a four year-old in our house.  For the past year, we have had a teenager living with us.  Clayton is 19 and needed to get out of his hometown in Missouri.  Though he had never even had a speeding ticket, his life was going downhill fast and he had no prospects there.  His family also was a huge complication and his dad had always taken or ruined everything Clayton had, even driving drunk and wrecking the vehicle Clayton had saved up money from roofing one summer.  Clayton has had a great job from the first week he lived with us and after accumulating clothes, a car, and things for his own place, it is time for Clayton to move out.  I will miss him terribly.

To help take over my husband's jobs while he is recovering from surgery, Clayton's best friend from Missouri (who also didn't have any future in their hometown) has been staying with us for the past week.  They are looking for a place to live, but housing is harder to come by here than we thought. 

The third person staying with us for the past few days is our friend Steve.  His lease is up next month and he would like to move here from the city he lives in three hours away.  We love Steve and really hope he can move here.  He would have moved here sooner, but he wanted a house where he could play and record music, which is exactly what Clayton and his friend want.  They are looking for a three bedroom together (which is hard to find), but it seems ideal.  Steve leaves again.

Things are crowded and I'm overwhelmed.  I love them all, but with the natural fatigue from pregnancy, I'm beat.  I hope to start writing again soon!  I miss it and I miss your comments.

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