Wednesday, January 25, 2012

RECIPE: Mixed Berry Salad

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I wish I could always buy organic, but organic food is just too expensive.  I don't buy food with chemical additives or preservatives, which is a start.  I will purchase more organic food when we can afford it.

However, I do buy local food when I can.  Recently, I found local, organic produce at Sunmart here in Holdrege, Nebraska.  I snatched it right up!

It was grown about 15 miles from where I live, outside of Bertrand.  Here is more information about the Schwarz Family Farm on Nebraska Rural Living.  You can also check out their website at
The label says "Mixed Lettuce," but I think it looks like lots of spring greens.

Isn't this absolutely beautiful??
The lettuce was DELICIOUS and FRESH too!
Imagine, getting fresh organic lettuce in NEBRASKA
I used the lettuce for my Mixed Berry Salad.  I added dried mixed berries, feta cheese, walnuts, and a raspberry vinaigrette.  The berries add more color and sweetness, while the feta cheese provides lowfat protein.  Walnuts give the salad more fiber and heart healthy omega 3s.  They also protect your arteries from saturated fat.
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*spring greens or mixed lettuce
*dried berries
*feta cheese
*raspberry vinaigrette


1.  Combine desired amounts of all ingredients in large bowl.  Toss and serve immediately.

Can you find local, organic food where you live?

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