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What Matthew & Benjamin Ate Wednesday Jan. 31, 2012

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This is a very special WIAW.

Yesterday was Benjamin's half-birthday.  He turned 6 months old, which means he had his first non-mommy milk meal.  (Actually, it was mommy milk mixed with rice cereal.)

We returned home from Arizona on Monday night.  My husband and I took our 4 year-old on his first plane ride down to Phoenix.  (Benjamin had his first plane trips in my womb last February when we went to Savannah, GA.)  I have to brag that both boys did a great job travelling this last week.

My parents have been snow-birding in Picacho, AZ.  We stayed in a camper beside theirs for five days.  We ate hamburgers, steak, tamales, and yummy pastries from a Mexican bakery in Eloy.  My mom took me to the grocery store in Eloy, so I was able to get string cheese, grapes, bananas, and strawberries for snacks, too.  Matthew ate applesauce, bananas, string cheese, and lots of bean and cheese sopas.  He also ate grilled cheese and french fries when we went out to eat.

I came home feeling bloated and meh.  On the upside, we kept our resolutions not to drink soda.  My husband said he was up 5 lbs. since we left.  I gained 3.

There wasn't much for groceries in our house when we returned, so I had to improvise a little.

For breakfast, Matthew had oatmeal with raisins and a little brown sugar.
He drank almond milk throughout the day. 
 For lunch, he wanted cottage cheese. 
I talked him into putting a little Kashi cereal on top.
He thought it was pretty good.

I gave Matthew the choice of carrots or broccoli for supper.
He asked for broccoli, which is his favorite vegetable.
I also made him two mini "pizzas" with sliced black olives,
a few spinach leaves, pizza sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese
on sopas.

I picked the sopas up from the grocery store in Eloy
and tucked them into my luggage.
They are corn tortillas with concave centers,
perfect for filling.

Here are a few pictures of Benjamin, eating his first meal.

He was really excited!
I think he ate about 1/8 c. of rice cereal mixed with mommy milk.
He would have eaten more,
but I didn't want him to get a tummy ache.

Here is a picture of Benjamin and Matthew together.
Matthew is of average height for other 4-5 year olds,
but Benjamin is really tall!
He is already into 12 month size clothes.

Benjamin has only had breastmilk to eat until yesterday.
I wonder if he will grow even faster now that he is eating solid food!

How do you eat when you travel?

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