Best Blogger Tips If you enjoy reading my blog, would you consider supporting it?

You can do this in a number of ways.

  • A free, easy way for you to say thanks for the posts is by making purchases through my store. It won't cost you anything extra than if you went to Amazon directly. You can use the search feature to buy whatever you want and I get a little bit back to help with the expenses to write this blog. I also created my store  to share products with you.  Here you will find specialty groceries I use in my recipes, kitchen tools and appliances I use every day, and books I recommend.  The Way Store

  • You can also share my blog on facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or tumblr. There are buttons on the left column and below each post. I am grateful for all of the likes, tweets, and shares.  

  • Leaving me a comment lets me know that you enjoy what I'm posting. I do my best to respond to each note you leave me. :)

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