Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: Why losing weight isn't enough

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Happy New Year to you!

In November, I got a bad head cold.  I spent one day absolutely miserable, even calling my husband at work and telling him, "I don't want you to come home from work. I just want you to feel sorry for me."  My nose was plugged, my throat was sore, and I felt awful.  I was only really sick for a day, but the lingering congestion and scratchy throat took away my appetite for a week.

I lost 6 lbs.  I felt great about it!  Unfortunately, the rapid weight loss affected my milk supply (I'm still nursing my infant son).  I had to start eating more.  I still was able to keep losing weight in December, though at a slower pace.  I began my 12 Cookies of Christmas series and I baked about 50 dozen cookies in two weeks.  Then, came Christmas and all the rich, Swedish food I made.

I gained back 3 lbs. of the 8 lbs. I lost in December.

Like many people, one of my resolutions is to lose weight.  I'm trying to take off these final 20 lbs. that I gained during pregnancy.

But saying, "I'm going to lose weight" isn't enough.  I'm going to take measured steps, one at a time, to make my healthy eating last.

Instead of just focusing on recipes this month, I'm going to share ways to reach my weight goal and have better health in the New Year.  I hope they will help you, too. 
  • This week, I am going to share highlights from this video about what I have learned about fructose and sugar.  They make us gain weight and destroy our health!  I am working this week to eliminate all fructose from my diet.

What health changes would you like to make in the New Year?Pin It Best Blogger Tips
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