Monday, January 23, 2012

RECIPE: Asian Salad

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I have never eaten a salad at a Chinese restaurant. 

I always go for the battered chicken, rice noodles, or General Tso Chicken.  (I don't know if General Tso was a good military leader, but he could cook!)  I also love spring rolls. 

We have stopped going to the Chinese buffet and instead choose the Mongolian Grill.  There we can load up on lots of fresh veggies.  They also don't have fried food there.  But I still don't eat the salad.

I thought I would give an Asian Salad a try.  I'm glad I did!

This salad is made with Chinese cabbage, also called "Napa cabbage." The fiber in cabbage helps lower cholesterol and may prevent certain types of cancer.  I used clementine oranges, but Mandarin oranges can also be used, providing vitamin C and fiber.  The cashews may protect against cancer.  They also give you healthy fat, fiber, and protein.  For more protein, you may add diced cooked chicken breast.  You can use a high-quality store-bought ginger salad dressing or make it using this recipe.

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*chopped napa cabbage
*1 clementine orange or can of Mandarin oranges
*Whole cashews or cashew pieces
*Diced cooked chicken breasts (optional)
*Asian Ginger Dressing


1.  In a large bowl, combine desired amount of cabbage, oranges, cashews, and chicken.  Toss with desired amount of dressing.

What is your favorite Asian food?

This week, I will share with you six satisfying salads that can be eaten as a meal or to accompany a main course.
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  • What Matthew Ate Wednesday: See what my four year-old son is eating! I also will share Mixed Berry Salad with feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette.
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  • Friday: I will show you Haystacks, the only salad my four year-old eats. We make it with corn chips, chili beans, and guacamole.


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