Saturday, December 3, 2011


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It finally snowed here today.  We had a dusting earlier this year, but this is the first real snow.  I love snow when my loved ones can be home and everyone is safe.

Here are some photos of our day.
 Matthew attempts to make a snowball,
 but instead makes a big pile of snow.
 My husband made him a snow fort.
 I didn't get a picture of the finished fort. 
He made it taller than our son.
 I decorated cookies with Matthew.
I used (eek!) store bought dough.
I didn't have time to make cookies from scratch.
They are cute, but they don't taste very good.
I guess I'm spoiled that I always make homemade cookies.
I'm sending them to the holiday promotion
at my husband's work tomorrow.
Hopefully, the customers are used to store bought cookies!

Are you PRO SNOW?
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  1. That's from TODAY??? We're only a couple hours from you and all we got was rain. Your wee'un was having a blast!

  2. I know! I was so surprised when I moved to MO that the weather is different just a little southeast of us.


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