Thursday, December 29, 2011

RECIPE: Apricot-Pepper Dip

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One of my favorite foods is General Tso's Chicken.  I rarely eat it anymore, since it is deep fried and usually doesn't come with any vegetables.  (We also have traded in the Chinese buffet for Mongolian Grill.)

Americans don't combine sweet and spicy flavors together traditionally, but hot pepper jams and jellies are starting to appear on grocery store shelves.  I made up this recipe to capture those complimentary tastes of sweet and hot.

I used all-fruit apricot jam, since all of the other jams and jellies at our local grocery store had corn syrup in them.  The neufchatel cheese is lower in fat and calories, but cream cheese will work, too.  I also used Greek yogurt for the higher protein.

 I finely diced a half a serrano pepper first.

 Then, I added it to the neufchatel cheese, yogurt, and apricot jam.

I garnished the dip with a little shredded colby-jack cheese.



*8 oz. softened neufchatel or cream cheese
*1/2 c. plain Greek style yogurt
*1/2 a serrano pepper
*3 Tb. apricot jam


1.  Remove seeds from half a serrano pepper and mince into tiny pieces.  Add to neufchatel cheese, yogurt, and apricot jam.  Mix well.  Serve immediately or store in refrigerator for 1 day until ready to serve. 

Do you have a favorite sweet-hot recipe?  What is it?
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