Monday, December 26, 2011

RECIPE: Elle's Easy Guacamole (Vegan)

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I hope you had a great Christmas!

I spent the holiday making LOTS of food.  We had a Swedish-American Christmas Eve with my parents, then ate Christmas Day lunch with my husband's family.  I made traditional and Americanized Swedish foods for dinner at home, plus pies, dips, and Garlic-Cheese No-Knead Bread for my in-laws.
Today, I'm posting my first dip recipe in preparation for New Year's. 

You can add a link and picture for your favorite party food or dip recipe here.

We eat guacamole at least once a week. 

In addition to being delicious and easy to prepare, the avocados used to make it have many health benefits.  First of all, avocados have phytosterols and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs), both of which help keep inflammation under control in the body.  Second, avocados support heart health and are a good source of monosaturated fats which can lower total cholesterol levels in the blood.  In addition, avocados may improve blood sugar regulation and may have anti-cancer benefits

This recipe is quick, healthy, and delicious.  The spicy salsa and creamy avocado make it perfect for dipping chips or adding a smooth kick to top your favorite recipe.
 First, I scooped the avocados from the peels.

 Then, I added lemon juice and mashed the avocados with a fork.

 Finally, I mixed in the salsa.



*3 ripe Hass Avocados (how to pick an avocado)
*1/4 cup salsa (mild, medium or hot)
*2 tsp. lemon juice


1. Slice the avocados in half.  Separate the halves and remove the pit.  Spoon the pulp from the skin.
2. Mash the avocado pulp with a fork or use a food processor to slightly puree the pulp. 
3. Add lemon juice and salsa. Mix thoroughly and serve immediately.

Serves: 3-4


1. Picante sauce may be substituted for salsa.
2. Lime juice may be substituted for lemon juice.


1. Refrigerate leftover guacamole.
2. Press a sheet of plastic wrap down upon the top of the guacamole to slow the oxidation process.
3. Substitute for sour cream in Mexican dishes.
4. Use as a great dip or sandwich spread.

What recipe do you make all of the time?
  • Come tomorrow for Smoked Salmon Dip
  • Later this week, find my recipes for Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip and Hummus.
  • I would love to see your Party Food and Dip Recipe!  Add your link here.

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