Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three meals per meal?

Best Blogger Tips I wish everyone in my house was raw vegan.  It would be so much easier for me!  I go off and on, eating all raw fruits and veggies one day, then eating junk food or meat and dairy the next day.  I wish I could do a clean sweep and remove all the processed food, the meat, and the dairy from our house, leaving us only raw whole foods.

Unfortunately, I can't.

My three year-old is 90% vegan and I'm 80% raw vegan.  My husband would be 90% vegetarian, but for the past five months, we have had a 19 year-old living with us.  I really enjoy having him live with us; he is kind, honest, funny, considerate, and easy going.  The only reason I hope he finds his own place soon is because of his diet.

His diet is that of a typical teenage boy (except he doesn't like to drink pop):
Pepperoni pizza
Chili Cheese Fritos
Cap'n Crunch
Whole milk
Fast food
Capri Sun (which he has me addicted to now!)

When I first went raw a year ago, I removed the junk food from our house, stopped feeding processed food to my family, and went nearly 100% raw.  My son became mostly vegan and my husband mostly vegetarian.

Now if I am eating vegan or raw vegan, I usually end up cooking three meals for supper: one for my husband and our roommate, something for my three year-old, and then something for myself.  Of course, since I make the meals, I end up quitting before I get my food prepared.

Here are some things that I am learning to stay raw when the rest of my family isn't.

1.  I make food for myself before I make food for others.  This is really hard for me since I feel the urge to take care of others first, especially my family.  If I don't make my food first, it doesn't get made and I end up eating meat, dairy, or at least refined carbohydrates.  Since I eat much of my food cold, I can make it at the beginning of the day or the day before and it is ready when others are eating.  It also helps if I assemble the food for them in advance (when I'm not hungry) and only have to cook it right before dinnertime. 

2.  I create a menu for myself just as I do for the rest of my family.  Each week, I write out a menu for my family, what I am going to make them each day and what I need to purchase.  Doing this for myself ensures that I will have fresh produce for my meals; I don't have to think about what to eat when I have Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes for my family in front of me. 

3.  I make gradual changes to recipes and meals to make them healthier for my family.  If I do eat some of the food that I give them, I am eating better than the traditional recipe.  Last night, I made banana bread for my son, our friend, and my husband.  Instead of a basic recipe, I made it vegan with 1/3 white flour and 2/3 wheat flour from wheat berries I ground a few minutes before. This way I make all of us healthier.

4.  I keep sliced veggies and veggie sticks ready to eat in the fridge with raw or vegan dips.  By making sure I have snacks available, I don't feel as great a need to munch on the high calorie/low nutrient value snacks eaten by the men in the house. 

Are you the only one who eats raw, vegan, or vegetarian in your house?  How do you avoid eating like they do?  How have you worked to change your spouse's diet and/or that of your family?Pin It Best Blogger Tips


  1. Every 6 months or so a friend of our family comes to visit us for a few weeks, he is in his early 20's and I basically get in the exact same situation you are in. It's so tough to stay on track when you trying to accomadate for so many peoples needs. What you suggest is excellent!

    My hubby is pretty easy going in terms of eating, so he will usually eat whatever I make for us. My son is also 3 and he won't eat everything we I try to make a variation. Sometime's I give him raw breads or a wrap with some dip, and I'll put some veggies he loves on the side. We will eat a veggie wrap, so that way i'm not totally making a new meal.

    As for what I do when our friend visits. I make him comprimise a bit, he tries out one of our vegan or raw dishes one night and then he can make whatever he wants the next. He ends up expeirencing a new dish and usually loves it :)The other thing I do is I will make a lot more vegan cooked dishes when he visits, rather than raw :)

    I don't know it this helped, but I do know how frustrating trying to stay on your own healthy eating path can be when others in the household eat differently. :)

  2. Thanks for the support! I haven't tried raw breads yet, but I bet I can make my son eat them. He usually has home-canned apple/pear sauce, raisins, bananas, steamed broccoli or home-canned green beans, and homemade bread each day. I actually got him to eat "zucchini fries" the other day!
    I need to explore more vegan recipes. I'm just getting started with them. I know vegetarian recipes, but they are heavy on dairy. : (

  3. No problem :) It can be hard with our lil ones, I read an article about toddlers, that discussed how one day they can love one food and the next day not. I was like, YES my son totally does that. For example, yesterday he loved bananas, today not so much. It's funny, but also makes me have to come up with a wide variety of options to give him. I bought a couple vegan books from a 2nd hand book store, which helped me discover a few more recipes he enjoys.


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