Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Becoming a Raw Foodist, Day by Day

Best Blogger Tips "I've been eating a lot of junk food," I said. "My face has broken out and I haven't felt well."

My son's caregiver at the YMCA replied, “I’m glad to hear that you’re human too. You sound like you eat so perfect all of the time.”

Wow. I thought. I must have really been misrepresenting myself! Of course I’m human! I struggle with eating processed foods, fast food, and junk food. I crave meat (especially fried chicken) and pizza.
(And sometimes I even eat it.)

Lately, in fact, I've had a real difficulty with my cravings and succumbing to them. I'm an aspiring raw foodist and the only one in my home who even wants to eat this way.

When I started learning about raw foods a year ago, it was much easier. I just wouldn't buy "junk" food.  Since it wasn't in the house, I was rarely tempted to eat it.

As I ate more and more raw foods and less cooked, processed, and convenience foods, I didn't want them anymore.

Now that we have a 19 year-old living with us, he wants chips, cookies, Pop Tarts, and oven pizzas. The temptation to eat these foods is just too great for me most days too.

Negative thoughts enter my mind. Why can't I just stop eating all this junk? Where is my willpower? It's hopeless. I'm such a hypocrite.

Whoa. Calm down, I tell myself. Get real. Become rational and think about things objectively

What I'm doing right:

1. Dairy-free

2. Almost bread and starch-free

3. Green lemonade nearly every day.

4. Fresh fruit always in my home.

5. Occasional exercise.

6. Occasional prayer and meditation.

What I need to work on:

1. Eliminating fast food from my diet.

2. Eliminating cookie dough from my diet (this has become a daily struggle!)

3. Regulating meal times

4. Eliminating coffee from my diet

5. Eating more veggies

6. Eliminating "junk" food from my diet

7. Earlier bed time, more regular schedule

8. Regular exercise (make it a priority every day)

9. Prayer and meditation daily

I may not be "perfect," but I am striving to treat my body and soul better. 

Where are you at in your journey? What are your goals? How are you working to get there?
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