Monday, August 30, 2010

JOURNAL: Lots of work and liquid feasting day!

Best Blogger Tips I posted a few days ago about giving and the blessings that come from it.  I believe as a direct result of all the giving we have been doing this summer, we were given LOTS of work last week which equals more income for our family!

I am a stay-at-home mom. I substitute teach instead of teaching full-time since we have chosen to keep our son out of daycare.  Surviving on only one income can be tough sometimes, especially in a recession.  To make ends meet, I have been housecleaning, catering one day a week for up to nine people, and caring for an elderly friend of ours.  My husband and his family own a commercial cleaning company, but since businesses have adjusted to the poor economy, new cleaning contracts have been tough to acquire.

The same day this week that I was offered a part-time job, my husband's business was offered nearly double the accounts they have serviced.  WOW!  Things will get crazy around here very soon!

My first instinct when stressed is to eat.  After reading Dr. Kessler's book, I now understand how sugar-fat-salt combinations give me a sedating effect and drag me down.  The more tired I get, the more I want to eat these types of food. 

Since I find myself back eating processed junk food once or twice a day again, I decided I should have a few days of liquid nutrition to clean my system out and get out of the habit of snacking.


Breakfast:  Green Lemonade Smoothie
Lunch:  Spirulina "juice" (1 Tb. of Spirulina Powder & 2 c. water)
Supper:  Soy protein shake (1 scoop Soy Protein Isolate & 2 c. of soy milk)

The protein makes me feels full and really calms my cravings for sugar-fat-salt.

(More about spirulina and how amazing it is!)

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  1. This is wonderful news on the blessings your family is receiving this week! :D And great idea about doing the juice feast :) I should do one soon too.

  2. I don't plan on being this restrictive for too long, but it is the only way that I have found to get back on track with my eating. I get the chemicals, flavorings, sugar-fat-salt, out of my system so I remember what REAL food tastes like.

    Yes, we have been very blessed. For the past three days I've been getting up delivering papers at 4:00am. Since we have a teenager living with us right now, my husband decided that it would be best if we did the route together for a while. It has been so great getting to spend time with my husband while we are working to better our lives.


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