Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raw Food Success on the Road

Best Blogger Tips I had an absolutely great weekend!  My husband and I had some much-needed time alone, dined alone, spent an hour in the bookstore (where I read Alicia Silverstone's new book, The Kind Diet and put it on my "must own" list!), and watched a movie together.  We had such a great time!

As you may have read, I started a detox last week.  Wow!  I felt amazing after two days!

Unfortunately, then we went out of town for the weekend.  Did I mention that I live in the Cornhusker State, where there are more than 3 cows for every human?  Healthy eating out is difficult and raw eating out is nearly impossible.

Since I knew how tough it would be, I planned ahead, making vegetarian sandwiches for my husband and leftover raw zucchini pasta and a raw wrap for myself, then packing them in the cooler.  I added bananas, granola bars, and almonds for snacks.  We are going to eat well on this trip.  I thought.

However, while we were away I ate deep fried sushi, fried bean burritos, a fried buffalo chicken sandwich and fries, ice cream, and more.  Ugh.  By Monday night, I was back to feeling awful.

Now I'm doing what I should have done then, researching the best travel and eating out tips for aspiring raw foodists.  Here are the top seven.

1.  Look for a health food store When you arrive at your destination, look in the yellow pages for a natural foods store.  It will be one of your best chances to find food that will make you feel good on your trip!  Happy Cow also has a great search engine directory of health food stores. []

2.  Take along powdered superfoods.  By taking powdered superfoods, it will help you get the fresh greens you easily grind at home in your blender.  You can be creative with your containers, using divided sealed dishes or jars.  Make sure you take a bottle or glass with a lid and mix them in your room with water/juice/etc.  Taking small containers in a back pack or other bag will help you avoid temptation (if you still have it) while you are away from your room. []

3.  Research restaurants in the area.  Make up a list of all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants.  You can also call ahead to make sure they are still open.  Smoothie and juice bars can also be great while on vacation.  Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Ethiopian, and other ethnic food restaurants may also have vegan selections.   See also the Happy Cow directory.  []

4.  Take a good supply of dehydrated foods and nuts and bars.  These are much easier to get through airports and easy to carry.  Dried fruits, nuts, and bars are an easy option that can be bought in advance.  I am in the process of experimenting with dehydrated veggie chips, which I think would be great to have while traveling, too.  [Fredric Patenaude]

5.  Eat less.  Especially if there is lots of sitting involved, the extra eating most of us do on vacation causes our digestion to back up.  Drink more water or juices instead of eating.  Less time digesting means more energy for you to enjoy your trip! []

6.  Invest in a small "travel" blender.  A blender this small will easily fit into your suitcase and allow you to have quick smoothies in a traveling cup that fits into most cup holders.  Although I don't want to live at home without it, carting my Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3 all over the country in and out of hotels doesn't sound like a vacation to me! []

7.  Eat fresh fruit.  Raw veggies and meals can be hard to find sometimes, but fresh fruit is now available at convenience stores, free hotel breakfasts, and even some fast food restaurants.  []

Are you like me, someone who struggles to eat healthy on trips?  Do you have any tips to add?
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