Tuesday, November 23, 2010

WELLNESS: Snack of the week--Edamame

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My new favorite snack is edamame. 

I got hooked on it when I was introduced to sushi, where steamed edamame pods often are served as an appetizer.  
I can sit and eat edamame all day!  There is debate about how healthy soy is, but it is something that I choose to eat in moderation.

Like any other food, the highly processed forms of soy (think fillers in processed foods) seem to be the types that are unhealthy, while soy foods in the most natural state such as edamame, seem to be beneficial to wellness. [vegfamily.org

First of all, how in the world is it pronounced?  "Ay-duh-MAH-may" is the correct translation, which is the term used by the Japanese.  It translates to mean "beans on branches" because the pods grow on shrubby plants.  Edamame has been a vegan protein source in China for more than 2,200 years.

I steam frozen shelled edamame on the stove and add just a little salt.  YUMMY!

Do you eat soy?  Why or why not?

What types of soy do you enjoy?

What types of soy do you avoid?
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  1. i love edamame! i love all beans, actually, but there's just something about eating warm plump beans from the shell!

    i don't fear soy, though i do try to eat it in moderation, and i usually only buy it if it's organic or labeled non-gmo.

  2. I'm not really afraid, but I do understand that overconsumption could cause problems because of the estrogen-like properties of soy. I try to avoid the types that are the most processed.

    We used to eat a lot of beans when I was growing up, so they are a kind of comfort food for me. Edamame is new to me, but I love snacking on them! : )

  3. me too.=) oh, i forgot to mention, i say it ed-uh-mommy.=)


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