Thursday, November 18, 2010

ON THE WAY: New Features for You

Best Blogger Tips In an effort to make The Way better for you, here are some changes to the site.

1.  Easier RSS and feed subscriptions.  I added new "Subscribe" buttons at the top right of this page so you can view The Way in your favorite reader service.   ----------------------------------------->

2.  More pictures.  Though I lost my camera over two months ago, I am now absorbing the cost of sending photos from my phone.  I want you to be able to see what I'm cooking up!

This menu is to the right of my posts!

3. Twitter updates.  I'm on Twitter!  Follow me by clicking at the bottom of this menu on the right of my posts.

4.  Suggestions for you!  I added a few posts you might like at the bottom of each post.

You'll find these at the bottom of each post.

These links are listed farther down on the right.

5.  Read What's Popular.  Another nifty gadget to the right is a listing of the most read posts.  If others like it, you might like it, too!

6.  Easier Navigation.  Added tabs at the top of the page take you directly to
On the Way 
 food for your SPIRIT 

The expanded toolbar at the top of the page provides easy navigation of my site.

Do you find any of these useful?  Are there any changes you would like to see me make?Pin It Best Blogger Tips
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