Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WELLNESS: Back at the Y today

Best Blogger Tips Since we started delivering the Omaha World Herald at 4:00am, it has been REALLY difficult for me to get to the Y in the mornings.  When I joined the Y two years ago, I was very dedicated to arriving at 10:00am each weekday morning, dropping my son off at Child Watch, and working out for a full 1 1/2 hours before Child Watch closed. 

Today because my husband did the route on his own (THANK YOU!), I was able to sleep for seven hours uninterrupted.  YAY!  I finally made it to the Y!

I started my day with coffee like I do every morning, which on a good day is my breakfast, too.  When I eat at the beginning of my day, I start out kind of lethargic, dragging myself through the morning.  If I can hold off until lunch time, I have more energy which lasts the entire day.  I also have learned that I have more energy to run, exercise, etc., when I don't eat before the gym.  I think this is because I don't have to digest food at the same time as I exercise.

My Y workout today:

*10 min walking, 10 min running on the treadmill
*20 min on the wave machine (kind of like cross country skiing and a step machine)
*15 min lifting weights (arms today)
*5 min of quick yoga stretching (triangle pose, downward facing dog pose, extended side angle pose, big toe pose)

Whew!  I feel great!

What do you do to workout?  How do you feel afterward?  Do you enjoy exercise or do it because you feel like you have to?Pin It Best Blogger Tips
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