Saturday, November 12, 2011

When Good Men to Do Nothing: Thoughts on the Sexual Abuse at Penn State

Best Blogger Tips In the autumn, we spend Saturday evenings with my family.  Though previously a reluctant fan, I now look forward to the time we meet at my parents', eating steaming soups and watching Husker football. 

On the warm and sunny Saturday this week, however, a dark shadow decended on our game.

The Huskers played at Penn State, where Happy Valley is now the home of a child rape scandal.

My husband, a college football fan, has always loved Joe Paterno, aka "JoePa."  Spending six decades at Penn State has turned Paterno into the wizend grandfather of the NCAA.  He was fired only days ago.  The outpouring of support and unfortunate riot at Penn State illustrate how loved he is.   I have no doubt that he is a good man.  But it is not enough just to be a good man.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Sir Edmund Burke
(maggie smith

Some were outraged at Paterno's firing.  I am just sad about the whole thing.

I'm sad for Paterno.  He spent 60 years building a program at Penn State.  The board fired JoePa, not even allowing him to retire at the end of the season.  He destroyed his legacy by failing to report Sandusky.

I'm sad for the players.  They just wanted to play football and go to college.  Now, they have to play out the season with a shattered coaching staff and questions about the scandal after every game.  Every Penn State opponent also will be burdened with the case as the investigation continues.

I'm sad for the fans.  They love Penn State players and their coaches, but they have to wonder if  devotion to the team was a catalyst for the cover-up.  They may be asking themselves how can they love the school which allowed Sandusky to remain free to abuse other children.

I grieve most for the boys who lived in fear of not only Sandusky, but also what would happen to them when the world found out.  Those who covered up the assault abused them, too, by allowing it to go on.  The struggle of these children has just begun.

It was an odd game to watch.  Any victories on either side seemed empty.  At the half, the Huskers led by 10-0.  Depite a rally by Penn State in the second half, the game still ended Nebraska 17, Penn State 14.

It was hard to see how anyone won today. 

Do you think anyone other than Sandusky should be held responsible for the child rape that occured at Penn State?

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