Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hacking a Young Coconut

Best Blogger Tips As I have mentioned before, I live in a small city in Central Nebraska with a population of about 5,500.  We have two grocery stores.  If you want anything foreign or exotic, the closest you can get are Mexican-American foods, Chinese-American foods, and three Swedish items: lingonberry jam, pickled herring, and Bondost cheese.

When I spotted the young coconuts in the produce section of one of the stores, I stopped in my tracks.  I heard of them a few years ago when I first learned about the raw food diet, but I had never seen one.  I put one in my cart immediately.  I wanted to try it and by doing so, I hoped the store would carry more exotic foods.   

I let it sit in my fridge for almost a week and before I ventured to cut into it.  I had no idea what I was doing.

I found a site online that told me how to open it.  I went through the pictures a few times on my computer before getting started.  I chose a knife like the one on the website.
After a little struggle, I managed to cut the top off.  That's all.  But, I kept trying.

I hacked on it for a while longer.  Where was this amazing coconut water I had heard about??
Maybe my knife wasn't sharp enough.  I got out my Ulu knife to see if it would work.

More hacking.  NO COCONUT WATER! Was it really in there?
I went looking for a hammer in the garage, but I couldn't find one. 
I eyeballed the hacksaw and almost grabbed it.  Instead, I pulled the serrated bread knife
off of the kitchen wall.
I finally cut through it!  I almost spilled some of that precious coconut water!
Next, I had to take the top off.  I went back to the original knife.
This part was really easy.
I pried the top off and looked inside.  There was all that water I was waiting for!
And just like that, it was gone.  DELICIOUS!  The water tasted like toasted coconut,
not the flaked, sugary kind I buy at the grocery store.
Then, I tried the coconut "meat" I scraped out from the inside with a spoon.
Tasty!  It kind of had a chewy, jelly-like texture.  It was very moist and yummy!
I'm glad I bought the young coconut and kept struggling until I opened it!

If I see them at the store again, I will definitely pick another one up!  Hopefully, opening it will be easier the second try.

Have you ever tried a raw coconut?  Was it easy for you to open?  Do you have any tricks to opening it?  Do you have raw coconut recipes?

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