Friday, November 25, 2011

FOLLOW FRIDAY: November 25, 2011

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This Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving, is known as "Black Friday."  I'm not sure why they call it, "Black Friday," but it is the day where many Americans go crazy, getting up at midnight, camping out in front of their favorite stores, waiting in endless lines, and generally fighting a psychotic mob of people, all trying to get the best deals for Christmas.

I am not one of those people. 

My husband and I tried it last year.  We made it to two stores and gave up, deciding instead to come home and watch football with my parents.

Whether you are a Black Friday shopper or not, you probably like saving money.  Today, I'm sharing three money saving websites with you. 

Money Saving Mom  Crystal is a homeschooling mom, wife, and a Christian.  She shares online deals, money-saving tips, and crafting ideas.  She gives practical advice to anyone who wants to get the most from their time and money.

Hot Coupon World  When I used a lot of coupons, I visited these forums every day. Here you will find online and in-store deals.  I don't use coupons for groceries very often anymore (since they are usually for processed foods), but the forums provide savings for lots of other products, too.  Check out the grocery store forums for current ads for the best prices in your area.

A Full Cup  Here is another site with lots of store forums and online deals.  I especially enjoy their Target forum.  They also have sections which will teach you how to save or get products for free.

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Did you venture out today to get shopping deals?

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