Thursday, November 3, 2011

RECIPE: Almond Joy Protein Shake (Vegan)

Best Blogger Tips One of my favorite candy bars is an Almond Joy.  The oval of chewy coconut covered in chocolate and topped with two tasty almonds is delicious.  Recently, I discovered the Almond Joy candies similar to an M&M.  They are crunchy bits of Almond Joy that come in a shiny blue bag and are easy to overindulge in.

Almond Joy Protein Shake
When you are ready to step away from all of the Halloween candy you may have eaten like I have, this protein shake is a great start.  It is lower in fat and sugar than the candy bar, high in calcium and vegetable protein, and very yummy! 



*2 c. almond milk
*1/4 c. coconut
*1 Tb. cocoa


1. Blend all ingredients thoroughly in a Vita-Mix Vita Prep 3 or other high speed blender.

Serves 1-3.

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