Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes, I'm alive

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When I look at blogs which haven't been updated in many months or years, I wonder to myself, Is this person still alive or did they just stop writing for some reason? 

If someone I cared about died, I doubt I would worry about his or her subscribers.

Yes, I'm alive.

In fact, more life is in our home now: our second son, Benjamin, was born on July 31.

I'm adjusting to life as the mother of a newborn.  My husband and four year-old are learning to live with the baby, too. 

My husband, Matthew, and Benjamin

Mothering this baby is much different: I know better and can do better.  I remember struggling for hours with Matthew.  He had thrush which led to painful nursing which led to low-weight gain.  We ended up having to supplement with formula for the 18 months I breastfed him.  I also remember being exhausted, frustrated, and crying with him.

B is a much healthier and happier baby.  I still spend 23 or so hours with him a day, but I treasure that time.  M has grown so much and so fast; it makes me want to hang on to this precious time with B.  If B wants held, I hold him.  It will only be for a short time in our lives.  The dishes will always need washed, the laundry will always need folded, but B is only a baby for a little while.
Benjamin, born July 31, 2011

B and I sleep together at night, giving me the rest that I need to parent the two children alone while my husband is working.  B is gaining weight like a champ and has only had 1 oz. of formula his entire life.  M is in love with his little brother and is finally starting to leave him alone. My husband is a wonderful daddy, once again.

We are very much alive.

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