Thursday, October 27, 2011

RECIPE: Raspberry-Pear Frozen Smoothie

Best Blogger Tips Several years ago, one of our friends gave us three large laundry baskets full of pears from her prolific pear trees.  In addition to canning pear sauce for my then two year-old son, I also made jam.  Using store-bought raspberries, I made raspberry-pear jam.
Raspberry-Pear Frozen Smoothie
It was so amazing that my husband actually hid some jars for himself in the basement.

Yesterday, I was thinking of the raspberry-pear jam.  It inspired me to try it out in a frozen smoothie.  It was tart, but not enough for me to add any sweetener.  The pears made the smoothie creamy.



*10.5 oz. can pears in juice
*12 oz. bag frozen raspberries


1.  Blend thoroughly in blender!

Did you have to add sweetener to yours?Pin It Best Blogger Tips
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