Monday, October 31, 2011

JOURNAL: Thoughts on Halloween

Best Blogger Tips Halloween is another opportunity for me to find balance in my life and how I rear my children.

Some facts about our family on All Hallows Eve:
1. We have fun as a family carving pumpkins.  It is a chance for us to be creative and artistic together. We don't decorate for Halloween with tombstones in our yard or skeletons on the porch.  I decorate for autumn instead.  This way I can keep the decorations up for three months instead of just one!
2. Our son gets wear a costume to hand out candy, instead of going "trick-or-treating."  My grandparents didn't allow their children to go door-to-door "begging for food." I like staying home instead of wandering the neighborhood with our kids.  My husband and I have decided that our kids will get to be in costume and hand out candy.  We are trying to teach them the joy of giving.  They get to eat the candy as they are passing it out.

3. This is the one day of the year they get to binge on candy.  We are more concerned about the boys developing healthy eating habits than we are how much candy they eat on Halloween.  They need to self-regulate how much they eat.  For example, my 4 year-old ate an entire Hershey's bar and decided he didn't want to eat that much chocolate again.

I'm not saying I'm right or that other people are wrong.  I'm just sharing our thoughts on these things.

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