Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIAW: Let Us Eat Cake!

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As you may have read in my last post, we now have a young woman living with us, trying to get on her feet.

We are very glad to have her with us.  She helps me make dinner or cleans up after we eat.  My sons love her and she gives them lots of attention.  She is thoughtful and keeps her things gathered up.

She also already landed two jobs the first day after she moved here!

Sunday, the day I use for my WIAW pictures, was her 21st birthday.  I had fun making her a cake while she was at work.  It wasn't my best cake, but I was pleased with how it turned out.

Felicia on her birthday
It was actually the second cake I made over the weekend.  Friday was my five year-old's "half-birthday," so I made him half of a chocolate cake.  I used one 9" round, cut in half, and stacked it on the other half.  (I only iced between the layer and on the outside round part of the cake, so it looked like a whole cake had been cut in half.)

Since I knew I was eating cake after supper, I didn't eat much during the day. 

Nature's Path Flax Plus Cereal
with dried cranberries,
unsweetened almond milk,
and a little Sevita.
Ezekiel Bread toast
with homemade peach preserves
and a slice of Follow Your Heart
vegan mozzarella cheese.
Romaine lettuce salad
with croutons
and sliced tomato from my garden.
3 pieces of Archer Farms pizza with eggplant
(I was too excited for cake and forgot a picture!)
A big piece of birthday cake!
Even though I had that big piece of cake, I still planned the rest of my meals ahead of time and was able to keep my calories below 1500 for the day.
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