Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Waste of Cakes

Best Blogger Tips Last week, I had lost 8 lbs. since going plant-based vegan, then came the cake.

I used to make cakes for other people.  I learned how to use Wilton's buttercream recipe, then moved on to fondant.  I think I got pretty good.

In a way, I was a little too good.  In addition to making them beautiful, they tasted great.

Whenever I made a cake, I sampled the frosting as I decorated.  I ate the leftover pieces of cake I carved away.  Any leftover fondant became snacks throughout the day.

I gained weight, so I stopped making cakes.

For my son's birthday last week, I made an exception. 

First, I made the mini "ice cream cone" cupcakes for his preschool.

Then, I used the leftover cake mix and icing to make a cake for us at home. 

I threw away the extra frosting after I was done decorating.  I have learned that it isn't waste if I throw something away my body doesn't need.  If I eat something, like leftover frosting, I'm throwing it away in my body instead of in the trash.  And it is easier to take the trash out of the house than out of my body!

Unfortunately, the three of us split the cake.  Matthew had two pieces, while my husband and I ate the rest the next day.

I gained two pounds this week and am fighting sugar addiction again.

Today, I really tried to get out of the sugar fix.

I still snacked.  Alot.

In no particular order, What I Ate:

  • 2 protein shakes with spinach
  • 6 dates
  • 4 Ry Krisp crackers
  • 1/2 c. mixed nuts
  • a bowl of slow-cooked veggies and black beans (recipe coming soon!)
  • a big bowl of frozen mixed fruit
  • broccoli and quinoa with vegan onion-mushroom gravy and bite-size pieces of Amy's California burgers (recipe coming soon!)

This week, I am launching my first recipe eBook, Smoothies and Shakes.  For a limited time, I am offering it as a FREE GIFT to my subscribers.  Check back tomorrow for more information!

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