Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Veggie Tales

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It has been two weeks since my husband and I decided to go "veggie."

We have flirted with vegetarianism for most of our marriage.  Even though we were raised by women who grew up on cattle ranches, we still ate mostly meatless meals.  Recently, we ate more chicken and fish than any other types of meat.

After watching Forks Over Knives, we decided to go back to a plant-based diet.  I was almost a vegan before I was pregnant with my last child, but I have never attempted to cook a vegan diet.  The majority of meals I made for us without meat included cheese or eggs.

Thankfully, I have two or three vegan cookbooks.  With the addition of a few internet recipes, I'm learning how to cook vegan.  I also joined a local organic and specialty food co-op.  I can get those vegan cooking staples like Bragg's Aminos and nutritional yeast.

My husband and I feel great!

He has eaten meat four times while out with colleages, but has still managed to lose 4 lbs.  I have lost 7 while seemingly eating all of the time!  Our digestion is working perfectly and my complexion looks great.  Our four year-old (gasp!), who turns five this week, is very proud of us for not eating meat any longer.  "Now, you can be really healthy like me."

Here is what I ate on Tuesday.

I had a glass of strawberry banana smoothie.

I drank a raspberry pear smoothie.
I am putting the finishing touches on my first recipe
eBook and needed the pictures of the smoothies.

and ate three of them.

For a snack, I ate a small bowl of grapes
and three Ry Krisp crackers.

I fixed up mixed green salads for supper with grape tomatoes
and dried berries with Annie's organic salad dressing.

I also made a spinach, artichoke, and black olive pizza
with homemade "cheese" sauce and Diaya "mozzarella" cheese
on whole wheat and flaxseed crust. 
This was a new recipe for me
and it turned out AMAZING!

In other news:

  • I hope to get my eBook finished this week.  I am SO excited!  I am going to give it away for FREE to my subscribers!
  • My four year-old turns five this week??  How did he grow so fast??
  • I am so happy with going vegan that I want to open a natural foods store here in our town again.  We can't get specialty foods around here.
  • My six month-old son has his first cold.  He got it the same day as his immunizations.  We had a rough night, but at least he wasn't screaming and crying, just complaining and restless.

Is there anything new and exciting going on in your life?
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