Tuesday, July 16, 2013

WIAW: How I've Been Eating After the Sugar Detox

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What I've been eating the past few weeks isn't nearly as interesting as how I've been eating.

I've been doing What I Ate Wednesday off and on for a long time now. Each week, I would force myself to eat normally, how I thought should eat, three meals and a snack at regular intervals. I would pretend this was typical for me, even though it wasn't. 

Sometimes I didn't eat until 4pm. Sometimes I started my day with a bowl of ice cream in the early morning and kept eating refined, fatty starches all day. Other than supper with my family, I rarely ate meals and never at regular intervals. Either I ate everything or nothing at all. I was hungry all the time, fighting the urge to eat.

That all changed about three weeks ago when I detoxed from my sugar addiction. Since then, I eat breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. I don't feel guilty about what I eat. I stay full between meals. I've also lost 5 lbs. without dieting or restricting myself. 

More about my sugar detox in a later post!

Here is what and when I've been eating.
I started mixing things up by having my Green Tea Energy Shake in the morning. 
I was having it in the afternoon for a snack, but I think it was keeping me from sleeping.
Even though I make it with lower caffeine Sencha tea,
it really gets me going without feeling jittery! 

  For lunch, I had my usual breakfast, 

green eggs with two pieces of Ezekiel bread toast.

This weekend, I roasted some raw peanuts.
Since they have no maltodextrin, msg, any of the other nasties in roasted peanuts
from the store, they taste so much better!

I had a few handfuls of these for a snack.

One of the blogs I read this week (sorry, I don't remember which),
inspired me to add canned artichokes to our salad we always eat for supper.
I topped it with black olives and Caesar dressing.
We also had vegan cheesy potatoes
made with a bag of O'Brien potatoes and Follow Your Heart vegan cheddar.
And we ate steamed peas.
I finished the meal off with some dates!

Have you ever had a problem eating "properly"?
Are you a sugar addict like me?
Have you ever been inspired by another blogger's post? What was it?

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including how to choose the best fruits and how to store them.
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