Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What We Ate Over the Holiday Weekend

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As far as most Nebraskans go, we're the odd ones.

Despite my husband and I each being raised by ranchers' daughters, we have evolved into mostly vegetarians. Some days, we are even vegans! The carnivorous cravings that are in our DNA sometimes come out of hibernation, however. About once a month, we go out for ribeye steaks. Every three or four weeks, I sneak out for fast food chicken strips. Otherwise, we usually don't even bring meat into the house.

My husband (MK) and our 6 year-old, "Peanut."
However, this all changes during spring and summer holidays. We could be some of those awesome vegetarians or vegans who grill vegetables or bean burgers, but we're not; we chow down on steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and ribs. And we enjoy every bite!

Peanut, our almost 2 year-old "Happy," and Felicia (our adoptive daughter, mid-bite!).
This holiday weekend, we did a pretty good job of spreading out the festivities instead of gorging ourselves in one or two meals. Each day, we had at least one cookout. On Independence Day, we grilled Spiral Cut Hot Dogs for lunch, then joined an evening Independence Day party with the family of my friends, Karen and Mary. We feasted with my in-laws on my husband's birthday, the fifth of July. My mom even made us burgundy marinated New York strip steaks to throw on our grill!

Kurt (MK's brother) and MK
Remarkably, I managed to lose three pounds over the past five days! I think it is because I watched my calorie intake during the non-cookout meals and ate plenty of veggies and fruits. We also ate a salad with supper every night, just like we have when we aren't feasting.

My mother-in-law, Marylene and my boys.
By Sunday night, we were both sick of eating meat. It is really hard for us to understand how people can eat it three times a day.  I'm sure we will be ready to devour some beef by the time that Labor Day gets here, but I think for now we will be sticking to the veggies, fruits, grains, legumes, and a little dairy!

Now, what did I eat after all of the feasting was over? All kinds of yummy stuff!

I started my day with my usual, egg whites, spinach, and Ezekiel bread or tortilla.
This time, I made "green eggs" by running three egg whites in my Vitamix
with a handful of fresh spinach and making it into an omelet.
I folded it up and ate it between two buttered pieces of Ezekiel toast.

I wasn't very creative for lunch, either, going with one of my favorites:
an Ezekiel tortilla with Italian seasoned tomato paste,
a smear of whipped cream cheese
and a handful of fresh spinach.

I ate the last piece of my husband's Dairy Queen ice cream cake.
He was upset to learn that I had eaten the rest of it.
(He only had one piece on his birthday.)
But really?
It was there for FOUR DAYS and he didn't have any.
I feel like I had great self-control only eating a piece a day.
(It's upside down because I always eat the chocolate ice cream first.)
I also drank a cup of kombucha tea.
(Click here if you want to see my son drinking a glass of it!)

We always start dinner with a leafy green salad topped with vinaigrette dressing,
but I didn't take a picture of it!
Our main entree was multi-grain pasta
mixed with sauteed onion, red pepper, celery, and shredded cabbage
and topped with a little bit of Parmesan cheese.

(When I keep this eating schedule and make sure I get plenty of fiber and protein,
 I don't overeat or eat between meals/snacks.)

I hope you had a great holiday!

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How was your holiday?

Do you eat on a schedule or whenever you feel hungry?

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