Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WIAW: Breaking the Fast

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Most of the time I'm vegan.

I eat high fiber organic cereal and for breakfast almost all of the time. Usually for lunch, I have a wrap with an Ezekiel tortilla, vegan cheese, homegrown alfalfa sprouts, and romaine or spinach.

I keep my snacks healthy, too. I like to have a soy protein shake with unsweetened almond milk and a piece of fruit.

Nearly every supper begins with a salad and dairy-free dressing.  Sometimes the entree is a vegetarian meat-substitute, other times it is something with beans. Whole wheat grains can also be the entree, while there is always a fresh or frozen vegetable for a side.

Dessert is simple.  Three small pieces of dark chocolate.

Holidays are different.  I thoroughly relish eating unhealthy food.  I feel it after I'm done eating and definitely the next day; I am often bloated, sometimes a little nauseated and ready to go back to healthy, whole, vegan eating.

Labor Day was one of those holidays when I broke my fast from simple starches, dairy, and meat.  And I enjoyed it.

The beginning of college football season meant snack foods at my mom and dad's on Saturday afternoon. I ate tortilla chips and cheese dip with enthusiasm.  Mom also made cornbread to go with a big pot of beans.  I finished the day off with some cookies and cream ice cream.  Nom. Nom. Nom.

I also skipped the norm on the Sunday before Labor Day (the day I'm using for my WIAW).

Here is what I ate.

For breakfast, I ate two pieces of cornbread and unsweetened almond milk. I never make cornbread, but this is possibly my favorite breakfast of all time.

At lunchtime, I reheated bruschetta pasta made with tomatoes from my garden and Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella.  I'm going to try to get the recipe written up for Friday Vegetarian Potluck Link Up.

As a snack, I ate a nectarine.  These are so good that I'm eating at least one a day, sometimes two.

Supper was spectacular and totally unhealthy.  I made a BLT salad with tomatoes from my garden, bits of pan-fried turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, olive oil mayo, and croutons.  Then, we ate oven baked seasoned potatoes, peas, and ribeye steak that had been marinating in mesquite seasoning for three days.  My husband grilled mine up to medium-rare perfection. It was all amazing! 

Do you ever allow yourself "cheat days" where you indulge in unhealthy food once in a while?

Come back on Friday for Vegetarian Potluck Link Up!


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