Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Achilles Heels

Best Blogger Tips I love bread.  I used to eat a lot of it, but I don't usually eat it anymore.  The starch in it gives me an initial rush, then I end up craving more and more. 

I'm back grinding my own wheat in my Vitamix, then making my own bread again.  I stopped using fresh wheat berries when the baby was younger.  The loud noise of the hard kernels whizzing in the Vitamix scared the little boy too much.

Hot bread, fresh out of the oven is something I can't resist.  Minutes after taking the loaves out of the oven, I cut the heels off of both loaves.  Despite the fact that my diet is vegan, I spread a little bit of butter on all four pieces, relishing the warm, buttery crunch of the bread.  I don't eat any of the rest of the loaves, but the heels are selfishly mine.

What I ate, in no particular order.

2 servings of protein shake (with spinach)

4 pieces of fresh whole wheat bread with butter

1/4 c. lightly salted almonds

1 c. of fresh radishes

fresh spinach salad with Diaya dairy-free "cheese," dried berries,
chopped pecans, and Annie's shitake mushroom viniagrette
with slow-cooked carrots and onions

leftover roasted cauliflower

a bowl of frozen sweet cherries

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