Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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On Friday, my husband gave me one of the best gifts I've ever been given: a spa afternoon with my best friend, Kathryn!  We received a 2 1/2 hour massage and facial at A Healthy Choice Massage and Day Spa in Lincoln, NE.  AAH!  I was amazing!  Neither of us had a massage or a facial before and we were each awed by how great we felt afterward!  We both lost all sense of time and felt extremely renewed by the experience. 

Another thing that surprised me about the massage and facial is they made me want to care for my whole body.  I wanted to drink smoothies, eat greens, and really care for the inside of my body as well as the outside.  Usually I eat all kinds of junk food and fast food when traveling, but instead I stopped at Super Target (wow, another first and I'm in love!), picked up a large container of organic spinach and some fat-free basalmic vinagrette (with all recognizable ingredients), a few bananas, and a bottled vegan smoothie (not raw, but better than french fries and a soda!).  I felt so good when I got home instead of bloated, tired, and sick from all the greasy, processed food I usually eat when on the road.

I think that it was Divine Inspiration that also steered me toward these foods.  When I got home, my son's cold had turned into the flu.  My husband also started getting sick a few hours later and at one time I thought I may have to take him to the ER because he passed out a later had what appeared to be a small seizure.  I received a text message from Kathryn and she had the flu.  After a call to my parents (who we spent Saturday afternoon with), I learned my mom was also ill.  Uh oh. Since I was the only one in my family to see Kathryn, apparently I was the one spreading it, though I felt great!

Determined not to get sick like the others, I ate raw fruits and greens and drank as many smoothies as I could.  I completely avoided dairy and meat.  I also insisted that our roommate, 19 year-old Clay, drink smoothies and eat raw fruit before eating anything else (he's an omnivore and eats like a typical teenage boy). 

Although I had lots of muscle aches, fatigue, and a headache yesterday, I still haven't thrown up or had diarrhea, both violent symptoms of this strain of flu.  My three year-old has vomited about five times over the past four days, but his illness seems mild compared to that of the others.  I believe this is due to his vegan diet with lots of fruits and little processed food. 
I hope you can use your diet to prevent illness too!

Have you ever noticed how you stay healthier based on the food you eat?

Have you had a massage or a professional facial?  Are you addicted to them like I am now?

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  1. Wow, the massage and facial sounded so wonderful! I've been meaning to do something like that one of these days :)

    As for the flu, i'm so sorry to hear about your family, especially your lil one :( So hard on them :( I totally agree with you in terms of staying healthier based on the food you eat. I hadn't had a cold or flu since last year! And during my month off I ate off the raw/vegan path, low and behold, I catch a cold that lasted 2 weeks! Gah! Taught me a lesson for sure :) Good for you for sticking to it and being inspired to keep eating pure/healthy.

  2. Isn't it funny the way that diet affects our immune systems so radically? I'm glad that we all made it through so quickly.
    We made it through last year without the flu and only one cold, so I hope that I can stick to the healthy diet and keep my family as well as possible too.
    Don't you think that catching a cold when you have been well for a really long time is worse than having them occasionally? I get so used to feeling healthy that the minor illness feels HORRIBLE! :S


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