Friday, November 16, 2012

Where I've Been: Recovery and Repair

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On morning after my last post in September, my toddler son's stomach began churning.

At first, it seemed nothing more than an upset stomach. By the late afternoon, as his vomiting increased in frequency to every ten minutes, I knew we had a problem. Since the clinic was already closed, off to the ER we went.

Although his stomach soothed for a while, things went from bad to worse in my house.
Accurate self-portrait of my 5 year-old for about five days.

My husband, my five year-old, and the little one were all stricken with sickness over that weekend. My husband was better within a few days, but the boys fought the stomach flu for the next week. They couldn't keep anything down. I think I was washing three loads of sheets, clothes, and pajamas every day.  I was constantly changing my shirt as my little one got sick on me. Blogging about food was the furthest from my mind.

The next few weeks were all about recovering, both my sanity and my home.

Then, our neighbors put their house on the market.  I told my husband by telling him one day that our lack of maintenance on the exterior of our home would likely drop their selling price. He immediately cleaned up the front and back yards. We started scraping, priming, and painting trim. I worked my way to peeling off loose paint on the rest of the house and touching up the siding. My husband peeled of the frayed carpet on our porch. He replaced our front door. We started spending half a day each week in Menards, buying supplies and planning our next project. Last weekend, Mike built new columns and a friend helped him replace the ugly wrought supports on our porch.

We have been busy.

Before and during.
Ignore my crooked camera shots.
So now that my work outside is done for a while and my family is healthy [fingers crossed], I'm going to do my best to get back blogging again.  Thanks for bearing with me.

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