Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wasted Week

Best Blogger Tips Over the past year, I have lost 38 lbs. This week I have put back on 7.5 lbs. I started at 193.5 lbs. last June and was down to 155 lbs. I'm at 163 this morning. I have to say this is a wasted week.

Initially, I went on the South Beach Diet and lost about 10 lbs. I got bored with it, tired of feeling sick after eating, and I started to go back to eating junk.

One day after a troubling night of overeating and morning of weight gain, I thought my body needed a detox. This is when I found The Raw Divas FREE 7-Day Detox. I got started and was hooked on raw food.

The most exciting part for me was all of the fruit! On South Beach, I was never able to have fruit. I was always going back on phase 1 or whatever, trying to take off weight that I had put back on during an eating binge.

I've been 80-90% raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts for almost a year now. Since last August, I haven't been ill. I didn't get a cold or the flu this winter. In fact, my husband didn't either! Our three year-old son has only had two colds in the last year, both of which only lasted about three days each!

My health and well-being is the greatest evidence to me that this raw food diet is ideal. I'm also a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, so I am used to the idea of diet directly affecting health, especially flesh foods though I do love some steak and fried chicken strips sometimes!

This week was wasted. My husband and I had our class reunion on July 3. I felt so great, wearing a hot dress and losing almost 30 lbs. from what I weighed in high school. I had been working hard changing my diet and exercising to look good for that reunion.

Sadly, as soon as the reunion was over, my motivation was also!

Over the past week, in addition to gaining weight from eating chips, nachos, cookies, ice cream, and fast food, I have experienced the following:

--Acne breakout on my face, sides and back of my neck, and upper back
--Yeast infection
--Difficulty sleeping at night
--Tiredness and fatigue
--Stuffy nose
--Constipation and bloating

I started making sure that I at least had a green lemonade smoothie (except I use spinach, frozen apple slices, and celery instead of the romaine). My acne is starting to clear up and the yeast infection is gone thanks to the natural remedy of using plain yogurt with live cultures.

I'm hoping to go back to 90% (at least!) raw and get rid of all these conditions again.Pin It Best Blogger Tips
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