Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday Vegetarian Potluck LinkUp...Kinda

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This week, I made Carmelized Onion and Portabello Mushroom Pizza.  I planned on posting it today for Friday Vegetarian Potluck.

Instead, my 13 month old has been vomiting all day, starting at 6:45am and ending at 7:00pm when he was in the ER after having dry heaves every 15 minutes.  Everything is a wreck here, but at least my son hasn't puked in almost (praise God) three hours.

I will do my best to post the recipe for the pizza soon!

In the spirit of a delicious potluck dinner, I’m hosting Friday Vegetarian Potluck. Mix up a batch of your favorite recipe and bring it over for a virtual supper. You can bring a main dish, a salad, bread, a dessert, any food you want to share.We do have a few rules for our meal.

1. Your recipe needs to be vegetarian, but it can also be dairy-free, vegan, or gluten-free. Any recipe made without meat will do.

2. Your blog does not have to be about vegetarian food recipes. If you regularly write about gardening, that’s fine. If you usually post recipes with pork and poultry, you are welcome, too.

3. This doesn’t have to be a new recipe post, but I ask that you bring it to the blog only once.

4. Since potlucks are all about sharing, I ask that you post this invite on your blog post. It fits nicely into your html.

(For help adding the html code above, click here)

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